Employment history


Research Scientist

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

May 2017 – Present Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Research Associate Professor

Shanghaitech University

May 2016 – Jan 2017 Shanghai, China

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

May 2014 – May 2016 Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Assistant Research Fellow

Academy of Opto-Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jul 2012 – May 2014 Beijing, China


Recent Posts


We propose a joint design for snapshot HDR imaging with a spatially varying modulation mask.

We propose a polarization demosaicking algorithm for both monochrome and colour DoFP cameras.

We porpose a combinatory method to improve phase retrieval performance.

We present a valid polarization-based reflection contaminated image synthesis method.

We propose a method for snapshot HDR imaging by learning an optical HDR encoding with a DOE in a single image.

We demonstrate a quantitative imaging of phase and bright field amplitude using collimated white light illumination.

We propose a polarization demosaicking algorithm for both monochrome and color DoFP cameras.

We propose an approach for HDR image reconstruction using a spatially-varying mask and an inception network.

We propose a snapshot hyperspectral imaging system that employs a diffractive optical element and an end-to-end network.

We propose a new formula to connect between slopes wavefront sensors and curvature sensors.

We demonstrate an adaptive optics system for regular cameraswith unprecedented capability to sense and correct large distortions.

We propose a system to create high‐quality 1080p live MR footage, enabling realistic virtual experiences to be shared among a number of people.

We propose a reconfigurable rainbow PIV system that extends the volume size to a considerable range.

We describe how scene depth can be extracted using a hyperspectral light field capture (H-LF) system.

We present a single camera hyperspectral light field imaging solution with spectral coded catadioptric mirror arrays.

We introduce a Coded Wavefront Sensor that provides high spatio-temporal resolution using a simple masked sensor, under white light illumination.

We propose a mixed reality system that overlays the virtual world with real world objects captured by a Kinect depth camera.

We propose an improved particle swarm optimization method of ultra-thin diffractive optical elements design for multicolour beam shaping.

We introduce numerically optimized encoded phase masks for focus and zoom through changes in the mechanical alignment.

We introduce a diffractive achromat based on computational optimization and a corresponding algorithm for correction of residual aberrations.

We jointly design lightweight diffractive-refractive optics and post-processing algorithms to enable imaging under white light illumination.